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The Ridge


Installation photo for “The Ridge” in Lehi What a great place

Park Features

  • 560,000 SF Class A office destination
  • Accommodating 5,000 – 200,000 sq ft users
  • Onsite restaurants and retail amenities
  • 25,000 rentable square foot floor plates
  • Abundant parking
  • Contemporary upscale design

Notable Building Features

  • Ribbon windows that wrap the buildings
  • Dramatic two-story atrium lobbies with connective entrances
  • Upscale finishes, state-of-the-art technology integration
  • Corner office areas surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass
  • Enhanced infrastructure to accommodate redundant power, fiber and monitoring systems
  • Ideal Point of the Mountain location

Utah Business is proud to announce the annual 30 Women To Watch!


Utah Business is proud to announce the annual 30 Women To Watch! Of 780 candidates, Monica Millard Collard has been chosen as one of 2016 “30 Women to Watch”. Allied Electric Sign and Awning Co. has seen its biggest profitability in the last two years, with stock worth rising more than 30 percent. At the drivers seat has been Monica Millard Collard, who acknowledges her team for making that growth happen, but whose leadership and example helped carve the way for them to work their magic.

“You must step outside of your comfort zone at least once every day. That is where true growth happens. Do something that makes you smile or laugh every day.… Don’t blame others for your mistakes, own them. It is very liberating. I promise you will learn more from your mistakes when you take complete ownership of them, just don’t make the same mistake again.”

Monica will also be featured in a special editorial peace in Utah Business Magazine’s May issue.

~ Utah Business Magazine ~